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Please use students name and what you would like the payment applied to in the comments. [Example: Dec lessons, June costume deposit, etc.]

Classes are now in session!

Our teachers and staff have been busy preparing for this year. They have attended Teachers Training School with Dance Masters of America Buffalo, NY. Shari attended and taught at Chaplains conference in hot Phoenix. Our Dancewear store has been renovated and dance room stage floors have been refinished. WE are ready for you! 

Come checkout our dancewear store, we have various items on sale throughout the year. 

Important Dates: 

Dancing with the Sympony - Saturday, Dec. 9th
at W. K. Kellog Auditorium

CHRISTMAS SHOW - Sunday, Dec. 10th
at Ann J. Elementary Auditorium

ANNUAL RECITAL- Saturday, June 8th
at W. K. Kellog Auditorium

Dance Class Information


2-4 1/2 yrs.
5 classes at 30 min each. Stretch clothes, avoid zippers and buttons, shoes are not necessary, socks are acceptable.


(Ballet, Acro, and Rhythm)
3 to 4 by Sept 1 - 45 min.
Leotard, tights, and pink ballet shoes.


(Ballet/Tap) 5-7-year olds by Sept 1 - 1 hour.
Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap
shoes only needed for all. Recital one costume.

Pre-Acro & or, Pre-Jazz/hip hop 30
min ea. Evaluation to decide if 2 dances–still


9 yrs. to Adult
Must have experience in Ballet and Jazz, and currently enrolled in both Ballet and Jazz. The approval of the instructor is required.


T-shirt, jazz pants, tights, or stretchy bike shorts, and black shoes pertaining to dance subject.


7 yrs. to Adult - 1 hour
Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes, 8 1/2 x 11 notebook with a pencil for ballet notes, hair tied back off shoulders.


12 yrs. to Adult
Must Audition, completed 3 yrs. Ballet, and currently enrolled in Ballet.


7 yrs. to Adult - 1 hour
Leotard, tights, black tap shoes, hair tied back.


7 yrs. to Adult - 1 hour
Leotard, tights, black jazz shoes, hair tied back.


7 yrs. to Adult - 1 hour
Leotard, tights, footless or convertible tights, no shoes required, hair tied back.


7 yrs. to Adult - 45 min.
Leotard, easy moving pants, and jazz shoes.


45 min.
Leggings, t-shirts, & stretchy clothes are acceptable.


60 min. 
Leggings, t-shirts, stretchy clothes & socks are acceptable.

*Sparkle Dance Team

Please see front desk for information. 

What to wear:   We have a dancewear store on site.   All shoes (especially ballet) should be BLOCH, CAPEZIO, OR SO DANCA!  Other ballet shoes' soles may cause difficulty balancing on the proper part of the foot, soreness, and unhappy ballerinas.  All new students may try the class without dancewear and shoes for the first month only. Please wear stretchy clothes (no zippers or buttons) and socks or barefoot.

A leotard must be worn in every class and hair tied back by October 1st!  This is a studio requirement.