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Dance School Policy

Shari Rarick School of Dance and Dancewear
1400 W. Columbia Ave. Battle Creek, MI 49015
(269) 963-0669
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DANCE SCHOOL POLICY:  September 2023 - June 2024

• Do not wear dance shoes outside! They are designed to be worn on our Stage floors.  
• Wear cover-ups to and from the studio.     
• Please write your name in ALL dance shoes to help find the owner in shoe mix-ups.
• No gum in class or the studio. 
• We prefer that no large jewelry be worn in class.
• Bring no valuables to class with you. We cannot be responsible for lost or missing items.
• ALL food and drinks must be kept in the eating area [not in the waiting room].

September through and including June = 10 equal monthly payments   
(All rehearsals and performances are educational classes)  June payment and attendance are required for Recital.

1st Subject: $55.00 per month 
•Each addt’l Subject: $35.00 per month  
[2 classes 55+35 = 90 per family]
• Pointe Class: $30.00 per student
• Combo CORE class [ballet/tap] 1 hour: $55.00,
- Pre-acro & or Pre-jazz/hip hop [30 min each]
-- 1st add on $20.00
-- 2
nd add on $15.00 per month. 
Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month.
A $5.00 late fee will automatically be charged after the 10th of each month.   

Payments: Cash, Check.  Credit Cards add 3.6% for tuition or costumes. 
Arrangements can be made for automatic payment. 
Cash and Checks may be put in the studio mail slot [right of the front door] anytime.
Please use the student’s name and how it is to be applied to your payments.

1. A non-refundable costume deposit of $75.00 for the June Recital [6-08-24] is required for each class. Due November 15th, 2023. 
2. Costume balance [$5-20] will be due in the Spring.            
3. Christmas Show[12-10-23] costume will be a separate fee due in December [usually not more than $35].  
4. If you choose- fundraisers will be available for your account.

CLASS INFORMATION:  Age as of Sept. 1st, 2023 

MOM AND ME: 30 mins. - (5 class sessions). Stretchy clothes, shoes are not necessary, socks are acceptable. 

TOTS: (Ballet, Acro, and Rhythm) 3 & 4 yr olds - 45 mins. Leotard, tights, and pink ballet shoes. 

COMBO CORE: (Ballet/Tap) 5 & 6 yrs olds–1hr Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes only needed for all. Recital one costume.  ADD ON: Pre-Acro & or, Pre-Jazz/hip hop 30 min ea. Evaluation to decide if 2 dances–still 1costume.

TAP: 7 yrs to Adult - 45 min. Leotard, tights, black tap shoes, hair tied back.

BALLET: 7 yrs to Adult - 1 hour. Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes, 8 1/2 x 11 notebook with pencil for ballet notes, hair tied back or bun. 

POINTE/PRE-POINTE: 11 yrs to Adult - 30 min. Must audition, 3 yrs Ballet, and enrolled in ballet.

JAZZ: 7 yrs to Adult - 45 min. - 1 hour.  Leotard, tights, black jazz shoes, hair tied back. 

ACROBATICS: 7 yrs to Adult - 1 hour.  Leotard, tights, footless or convertible tights, hair tied back. 

HIP HOP: 7 & up - 45 min.  Leotard, leggings, and jazz shoes. 

LYRICAL: 10 yrs to Adult - 45 mins. Must have completed 2 yrs Ballet and Jazz, currently enrolled in both Ballet and Jazz, and have approval of instructor. 

ADULT CLASSES: 45 min. -1 hour Tap or Ballet  (leggings and t-shirts are acceptable). 

SPARKLE DANCE TEAM - see desk for info. 

DANCEWEAR: We have a dancewear store on site. All shoes (especially ballet) should be BLOCH, CAPEZIO,  SO DANCA, or EUROTARD!
Other ballet shoes’ soles may cause difficulty balancing on the proper part of the foot, soreness, and unhappy ballerinas.
All new students may try the class without dancewear and shoes for the first month only.
Please wear stretchy clothes (no zippers or buttons) and socks or barefoot.
A leotard must be worn in every class and hair tied back by October 1st! 
This is a studio requirement.
**Please put NAME IN SHOES.

*10% off Sale will continue through September 2023.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Classes meet weekly. Perfect attendance certificates will be awarded during the last class after the recital.
Students are expected to attend every class. Excused absences may be made up with another similar class.
Make-up class forms are at the desk. Students will give the slip to the teacher at beginning of the makeup class.

Open curtain for viewing class:  Sept 5th-11th, Nov 27th-Dec 2nd, Feb 26th- March 2nd

ADVERSE WEATHER POLICY: Dance School closing [due to weather] on Facebook.    

VACATION POLICY:  “Dates to Remember” sheet will have the Dance School’s Holiday schedules, extra rehearsals, and other important dates to put on your calendar [available in Sept].

SPECIAL NOTICES: Check the message window for announcements.  Fundraisers, Christmas show sign upand more.  Join us on BAND and Facebook for notices. Fundraisers are available for those interested; your sales profit goes on your account and can be used on costumes, lessons and more.   Fall - Candles & or Butter Braids.  Jan - popcorn

CHRISTMAS SHOW will be Sunday, December 10th [our student’s gift to the community]. This is a volunteer performance. Students must sign up for in October (with clothing size). Students may perform only 1 dance, and acro is not available for performance due to stage size.  It is held at Ann J Kellogg Elementary School. Your class will perform at 1:30 or 3pm as assigned.   This is a free performance for the community.  We encourage a donation of food for the Food Pantry brought to the auditorium.   

ANNUAL RECITAL- Saturday, June 8th at WK Kellogg auditorium 6:30 curtain [students report 6pm ]  with Dress Rehearsal same day in morningAll students are expected to participate as part of their dance education. There is also Run-Thru on a Friday in early May.  Students are expected to participate in this learning opportunity.  Run-Thru is recorded and reviewed for class improvement. The Rehearsals and Performances are part of June’s lesson. 

INSTRUCTORS: Shari Rarick Gysel, Colleen Thome, Kim Iliff, Tammy Babcock, Brittany VanDyke, Rebekah Gysel, Megan Banning, Emma Sherwood, Hannah Sherwood, Katie Trumble. 

Member of: Dance Masters of America, Dance Masters of Mi, Cecchetti Council of Am, Dance Educators of Am, Sacred Dance Guild, ASCAP, Altrusa Club, [past] Regional Director Jazz Dance World Congress, BCCHS Hall of Fame, ICPC [International Conference of Police Chaplains  -Auxiliary officer].